Who will win “Desafío Discovery” (Discovery Challenge)?

A few months ago, Servimont had the pleasure to host a group of competitors from the “Desafio Discovery” (Discovery Challenge). Each one of them had his own personality, nationality but they all shared one main goal; win this challenge.

Before being selected, the contestants had to go through different medical and psychological examinations.  But not only that, they also had to prove survival knowledge in different scenarios and ecosystems. Only the best sixteen out of six thousand contestants were selected for the “Desafío Discovery”.

To form teams, these participants will have to go through what is known as Track Command. Here is where mental capacity, physical performance and survival skills will be measured.

In the Track Command, they will have to pass through different obstacles such as walking over balance beams, set fire with a flint, and finish by climbing a four-meter wall. This last obstacle will determine the team (color) of each participant.

Once in teams, they will begin the "Desafío Discovery " .  

“From the beach to the summit of Pico de Orizaba without a motor vehicle”

Thanks to Sr. Reyes for his support in this adventure; going from sea level (0m) to the summit of Pico de Orizaba without a motor vehicle. It was a tough road up to Piedra Grande on bicycle. Then two nights at the hut and the summit attempt. The weather was perfect. This was a great experience in the trip.

The first part of the trip: ride through America from La Patagonia (Ushuaia, Argentina) all the way to the mountains in Canada and Alaska.

Arrive to Tlachichuca with 23000km and there is still a long way to Alaska!

Thank you for everything!

Jeronimo Geumetz (Lille, France)

Land of fire à Alaska on bicycle

María Teresa Carlín de Reyes climbed her “last summit”

We join, in our hearts, to her and her family in this “step” with the joy of watching the footprints, the valley, the forest, the flowers, the road, the trail and the drawbacks filled with surprises, happiness, restlessness, tears and peace that she had in her life.


Friends at Pico de Orizaba

Andronico came back this past December with a different group of friends and co-workers to climb Pico de Orizaba.

Servimont, gladly, assisted this large group in everything that was needed.


Thank you for your visit and for the amazing views of Pico de Orizaba.


 andronico 5   andronico 3     andronico 2


On November, we were pleased to host Jesús, who wanted to climb Pico de Orizaba and Izta.

Thank you for coming to climb in México, with us.

Here are his comments:

          “I enjoyed every second of each climb.”

          “I don´t know how I could have make it to the summit without you guys.”


JESUS climb3   JESUS climb4

Climbing Pico de Orizaba

We had the pleasure of hosting Mr. Atef for climbing Pico de Orizaba.

Ulises, Mt. Guide, went with him in this challenging climb. Mr Atef was very enthusiastic, energetic and happy about all the views and experience about being on the third highest mountain in North America.

- Thank you for visiting us.

(October 6, 2015)


Noticias1                                   noticias 2


The Armenian Hiking Society, from Los Angeles, decided to climb outside the United States and choose to visit Pico de Orizaba. They had a very positive attitude and a lot of enthusiasm for their training about Glacier Traverse techniques. 





We thank them for their visit and for giving us the opportunity to meet them.



Workshop: Interpersonal Communication

v  Experiential learning following a  

psychotherapeutic process          

v  Guided activities in the mountain

v  Bilingual program                        

First Part:


The dialogue in the relationship.

Discovering the “I”, the “You” and the “Us”

Length: Two days or Four days (optional)

Date: March 28-29 or March 28-31              


During this event:

  • We will identify what holds us back or brings us closer to others through communication.
  • We will explore different options to start and establish, through dialogue long-term human relationships.  


How to achieve it:

  • Through novel activities, observe how our feelings and needs are changing and how they are communicated.
  • While taking a brief walk on the mountain, receive feedback on how we communicate.
  • With a glimpse towards our inner self, discover some obstacles which restrain us to have a closer dialogue.
  • Enhance our communicative potential through non-verbal cues in  addition to language.
  • Nourish ourselves through nature which brings us tranquility, liveliness and vitality.





Pico de Orizaba Group Climbs

pico-de-orizaba-group-climbsWe received Duke Bold Group for their adventure climbing trip in Pico de Orizaba! Even facing some health issues the group kept with an amazing group energy that promoted enthusiastic and interesting conversations. A great way to start the new year.

Thanks for visiting us.



On behalf of the entire DUKE BOLD Community, we wanted to express our gratitude to you and the Servimont team for an amazing trip. Your experience and expertise were critical to our safe, successful trip, and we very much enjoyed working with you and your team. Thank you as well for your patience with our group and for helping with the many health issues we had. Your entire staff was great and we were particularly thankful to have Skaff along for much of the journey. Many members of our team said it was one of the best experiences of their life, whether they reached the summit or not.

New Contact information and Photos

flora-faunaHope nature has wonderful moments of peace for you this day. As this photo shows, this is an example of nature´s contrast from green grass vegetation to cactus (named "tencholotes"), lakes, and a great combination of colors, such as our diversity of inner emotional moods, with our shadows and darkness, combined with other moments of light, and enjoyment.

Our gallery has many new photos and our contact information has changed. For a more accurate response please fill out a form to send you details according to the service required. Thanks for visiting.