Workshop: Interpersonal Communication

v  Experiential learning following a  

psychotherapeutic process          

v  Guided activities in the mountain

v  Bilingual program                        

First Part:


The dialogue in the relationship.

Discovering the “I”, the “You” and the “Us”

Length: Two days or Four days (optional)

Date: March 28-29 or March 28-31              


During this event:

  • We will identify what holds us back or brings us closer to others through communication.
  • We will explore different options to start and establish, through dialogue long-term human relationships.  


How to achieve it:

  • Through novel activities, observe how our feelings and needs are changing and how they are communicated.
  • While taking a brief walk on the mountain, receive feedback on how we communicate.
  • With a glimpse towards our inner self, discover some obstacles which restrain us to have a closer dialogue.
  • Enhance our communicative potential through non-verbal cues in  addition to language.
  • Nourish ourselves through nature which brings us tranquility, liveliness and vitality.