Enhance your awareness and learn how to have a more satisfying life-style


Experiential Learning is an encounter with our "inner being", adventure, surprise, curiosity, self-understanding, and more.
Some opportunities that we can find in these events are:

  1. Feel the nature that surrounds us in the environment where we belong, where we breathe the fresh air from the forest, walking over green grass, and enjoy the sunrise and sunset.
  2. Have an experience with a physical and a guided psychological process which involves emotions and our ways of thinking.
  3. The challenges that we experience, when hiking through an unknown or steep trail, make us aware of all our senses and emotions as well as our potentialities and limitations. Through a deep understanding of our real responses to novelty, we will start a long and fulfilling journey for personal growth.
  4. Through group dynamics and guided psychotherapeutic sessions we set up the proper conditions for communicating differently with other participants. This is a special "safe environment" where we can open a "new door" to try out other different options from our already known behavioral mechanisms. New opportunities arise as nature, adventure and communication, synergistically join to ignite a spark at which we can stop and admire.
  5. Discover how you stay away or get fully involved in contacting yourself and others.
  6. Get a taste of some of your potentials and limitations.
  7. From our learned common habits, observe deeper on how we react and behave.
  8. Find out how is it that we deal with the resistance that blocks our full development.
  9. Beyond our common roles in social interactions, we could take a new and different "route" that will lead us to a new understanding of our self. To find this new route requires paying full attention towards our psychological processes.
  10. Take a step towards self-acceptance by finding what is positive and gentle in our humanity instead of easily jumping into self-criticism; draining our energy without a productive goal.
  11. Explore how we are communicating with others while facing novel and challenging tasks.
  12. Empower yourself with group energy through adventure.
  13. In the process of decision-making, you will be able to face the consequences immediately.
  14. Analyze the level of trust in our own skills and in others.
  15. Find out how we get away or get involved in developing creative solutions.
  16. Get feedback from the group, the team and facilitator.
  17. Find how to apply the experiential learning event to personal and social life.