An exciting climbing adventure in the Mexican Volcanoes is waiting for you. Servimont outfitter services and experience can help you in this mountaineering tour.
By choosing Servimont's fully supported trip services you can enjoy:

  • A reliable assistance, starting with advice on the planning stages, and careful attention to all the other details that your trip entails.
  • Hassle free logistics and more chances for having a memorable experience of your visit to the mountains in Central Mexico.
  • Unique historic facilities for the outdoor enthusiasts with all the services including quality meals and lodging in Tlachichuca, Puebla.

As an optional service we can tailor a set of services according to your specific interests. Please let us know your needs while you visit these beautiful mountains.

Our services:

  • Multisport, Mountaineering, biking, hiking, and trekking trips
  • Climbing Mexican volcanoes trips with optional Orizaba mountain guides
  • Expedition to Pico de Orizaba with the highest glacier in Mexico
  • Guided hikes and treks. Central Mexico Mountains offer great opportunities for outdoor activities year around. You can camp, hike or trek surrounded by beautiful forest and glaciated peaks, crossing interesting ravines and other natural sceneries.
  • Logistical climbing advice, itineraries, reservations. Many years of experience providing high quality adventure trips will be available for you to get the best experience for your travel in the Mexican mountains.
  • Extended trips: Visits to colonial cities, archeological sites and pre-hispanic ruins are available upon request.
  • Lodging. In our facilities you can enjoy all the flavor of a historic site. Our guests will have the possibility of relaxing in a unique atmosphere set up for climbers and adventure enthusiasts. We can accommodate up to 30 people.

Servimont facilities are a century and a half old colonial style fortress house preserved mostly original.

The facilities include:

  • A world unique soap factory preserved and rebuilt as a classic alpine lodge. We keep the original machinery, a collection of old climbing gear, and memorabilia from the 19th century.
  • Collectible 4x4 vehicles and green areas.
  • Bunks with clean restrooms and hot showers or private room available.
  • Pet friendly (dogs are welcome).
  • Expert Mt. Guiding.
  • Seminars: Glacial Traverse.
  • Outdoor Learning Experiences: Human Development Seminars.
  • Transport services. We provide transport to the mountain in specialized rugged four wheel drive vehicles (we are 4x4s enthusiasts since the 1940's). We also offer private highway transport for a hassle free travel to the mountain.
  • Meals. You can enjoy our quality cuisine with the classic Mexican flavor at a historic dining room, surrounded by antiques, mountain photos and century old furniture. Vegetarian menus or special diets available. Meals can also be prepared and served at the mountain upon request.
  • Camping assistance. If you need someone helping on camping chores, such as setting tents, dish washing, watching your gear, etc. Please let us know if you would like this option included. Advanced arrangements are important to have all the details ready for your visit.
  • Supplies and Rental Gear. We have available some camping gear, tents, stoves, white gas, butane canisters and batteries, for our guests.