The journey goes through a secluded trail in the forest reaching a campsite close to a spring water coming from the remote glacier. The trekkers will camp in a peaceful quiet area enjoying the environment completely surrounded by natural elements.

The following day the trekkers will go higher than the tree line level, having the possibility of getting a closer view of the longest glacier in Mexico; the North glacier and returning for a comfortable night in our facilities.

Length: Four days / three nights. Available shorter or extended trekking programs in the area.

Level: Sufficient aerobic fitness to trek on steep terrain with a medium weight backpack (15 -18 kg) for several hours a day.

Season: Year around


This trekking is also a good opportunity for acclimatization if you plan on climbing the volcano. If you have other request in addition to this trek please contact us through our custom made trip link. Please ask for details of itinerary and which services areincluded.


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