"I am curious about my next step and what I will find when following a trail in the forest. On steep sections of the trail I am in search of balance, which makes me aware of several options. When I place my sight higher, on the glaciers, I can notice the awesome size of the mountain; here is where I find a better understanding of who I am and my existence in relation to the universe".

(Servimont Staff).


Notes: These workshops are designed for those interested in a personal human development program.

Technical level: To be in good health and be able to go for a short hike.

Length: two days- four days.

Services provided:

  • Learning by having an adventure in the outdoors
  • Leaded by a psychotherapist
  • Individual, team and group feedback
  • Meals and lodging at our facilities


Interpersonal Communication:

  • The dialogue in a relationship. Discovering the "You", the "Me" and "Us".
  • Developing empathic relationships.
  • Mutual understanding even if we are different. Dealing with Conflict.

Emotions in Relationships:

  • Listening in the silence. The simplicity and strengths of sensibility.
  • My emotional Path. The "snapshot" of my emotional mood.

Group Communication:

  • Perception or reality? Uncovering the whole message of my communication.
  • Innovative actions in an "unknown territory". Exploring options as a group.
  • From boss to leader. Limitations and potentials of my leadership style.
  • Leadership. Bringing "light" and support for a group.

For further information on the Characteristics of our Experiential Programs please contact us.

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