Servimont has been involved in the following nonprofit activities:

  • More than 30 emergency interventions in mountain rescue.
  • Training Seminars for EMT rescue staff (Emergency Medical Technicians) for national and international institutions.
  • Consulting Services for the National Park.
  • Collaboration on reforestation.
  • Actions to prevention erosion on the steep forest lands in the area.
  • Rebuilding of huts
  • Frequent Collaboration on collecting and transport of the Garbage out of the hut or mountain.
  • International Linking and Computer Skills for Kids.
  • Solar Ovens for Hidalgo Village.
  • Rebuilt of Toilet in Hidalgo's School.
  • Hidalgo's School Supplies and warm clothing.


Address: J.Ortega 1A Sur, Tlachichuca,Puebla; 75050 México.

Phone: (+52) 24 54 51 50 19

Cell phone: 22 26 27 54 06

Mon-Fri 9-11am / 4-7pm Central Time

Prop: Gerardo Reyes Carlin