Who will win “Desafío Discovery” (Discovery Challenge)?

A few months ago, Servimont had the pleasure to host a group of competitors from the “Desafio Discovery” (Discovery Challenge). Each one of them had his own personality, nationality but they all shared one main goal; win this challenge.

Before being selected, the contestants had to go through different medical and psychological examinations.  But not only that, they also had to prove survival knowledge in different scenarios and ecosystems. Only the best sixteen out of six thousand contestants were selected for the “Desafío Discovery”.

To form teams, these participants will have to go through what is known as Track Command. Here is where mental capacity, physical performance and survival skills will be measured.

In the Track Command, they will have to pass through different obstacles such as walking over balance beams, set fire with a flint, and finish by climbing a four-meter wall. This last obstacle will determine the team (color) of each participant.

Once in teams, they will begin the "Desafío Discovery " .