• In order to be understood, one needs a reciprocal understanding; which means that both sides must be capable of perceiving what the other is trying to communicate.
  • It is necessary to put on hold our judgments and presuppositions, in other words, it is "like putting on pause" our thoughts until we have captured the whole idea or message.
  • Freely communicate and transmit our true feelings.
  • Identify if what we are listening, makes us "jump up" by following the impulse of our way of thinking, our previous experiences or our learned habits or even inertia. These answers or reactions are probably not completely linked to the message we are receiving. By being aware of these situations, we can start a process of better listening of each other.
  • Give full, mental and emotional, attention including pose and gestures with the purpose of listening to each other.
  • When the issue we are considering is important, give complete-full details of the theme.
  • Have a full view of how the relationship with other people (such as other relatives, friends, co-workers) indirectly influence the process of listening, understanding and coexisting between two closely related people.
  • Experience a mutual understanding of the deeper self with somebody else and to have a shared encounter beyond a simple exchange of messages.
  • As a result of mutual listening and understanding, the "us" can arise without losing the possibility of returning to the distinction between the "Me" and "You"




Services provided

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Learning by having an adventure in the outdoors
  • Leaded by a psychotherapist
  • Individual, team and group feedback
  • Meals and lodging at our facilities


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