The compound, a living museum, the people, the patience & hospitality are simply outstanding.

THILO KASS; Prescott, Arizona, USA. 2012.


Thank's for a great stay. I've never slept in a "Glycerine & Soap Factory" before. Many thank's for a peaceful & comfortable sleep!

STEVE COLLINS, Oxford, England. 2012.


We have just finished our climb tour of Malinche, Izta & Orizaba, Luckily meeting success on all three! Many thank's to Servimont for the logistical support.



In that bad weather and cold and my hands freezing, I reminded myself of the hot Citlalteptl in Mexico and you, the man who was so kind to us.

DOMINIK, Czech Republic


Thanks for always being so good to me when I come down. Here are a couple of pictures from my previous trips with you.

James Taylor / Lead Guide - Southern Cross Expeditions / Member - Salt Lake County Search and Rescue, USA


Hi, I had an absolutely fabulous time climbing Orizaba and the service was outstanding. Thanks

Todd Dixon, USA


Thank you very much for your hospitality during our stay in Tlachichuca and helping with our climb of Orizaba. The services you provided helped alleviate our concerns with the arrangements. It was also interesting looking at all the artifacts around your climbing compound - both from the old factory and the climbing memorabilia. Also now that I have had time to review the photos from this trip and compare them to my 1993 climb of Orizaba, I see the melting of the glacier and snow is even more extensive than I realized when I was there. The most obvious was at the terminus of the glacier. As I look at my old pictures I see the snow line was much lower on the mountain as well. In 1993 I didn't remember the steep icy area below the glacier. I think that was because it was more evenly covered with snow then, and thus wasn't a separate issue for climbing the way it is now. Thank you again for all of your help.

Dorthe Leaven & Ian MacDonald, USA


Address: J.Ortega 1A Sur, Tlachichuca,Puebla; 75050 México.

Phone: (+52) 24 54 51 50 19

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Mon-Fri 9-11am / 4-7pm Central Time

Prop: Gerardo Reyes Carlin