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Citlalteptl - Pico de Orizaba

A cycling, mountaineering and rafting adventure.

This trip offers the possibility of progressively acclimatizing to elevation with several days on Mt. bike rides. Then, continues with a series of mountaineering activities for a challenging climb of the highest volcano (5650m) in Mexico and the third highest mountain in North America. The trip ends with a whitewater rafting adventure in the warm tropical weather of the lower lands in the state of Veracruz.

Citlaltéptl in Nahuatl (indian language) means "Star Mountain"

You can choose the best option according to your needs:

  • Fully supported trip, including guiding as well as land transportation. More details below.
  • Ask for other options if you do not wish a fully supported service. Please indicate which activities are interesting for your group.

The Fully Supported Trip Services include:

You can choose the best option according to your needs:

  • Expedition logistics.
  • Climbing Guide, Bike and rafting Guide
  • All ground transport including adventure 4x4 trip approach to Pico de Orizaba Piedra Grande hut
  • Lodging in our mountain lodge, while in Tlachichuca
  • High quality home style meals in our facilities and mountain food


  • Glacial Traverse Seminar for developing self-arrest techniques, rope handling, and basic knots, which are essential for mountain expedition in high altitude environments.
  • Crater lakes sightseeing tours starting in Tlachichuca, Puebla (prehispanic ruins, colonial cities, magnificent architectural and historic sites, and museums)
  • Rentals

Length: 8 days / 7 nights.

Level: Very good aerobic fitness.


Technical Skills

Season: Year around

Notes: Summer time, from June – October, more possibilities of rain and cloudy days. Rafting might not be possible on some weeks of summer time or with heavy storms.


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