Developing healthy relationships.

  • The "who I am" definition can start to have a different perspective when you see what you like or dislike of yourself in others' attitudes, thoughts and behaviors. We also expand our own "self" through others' feedback, acceptance, reactions, understandings and support. These new perspectives can guide us to have a better understanding of our constant "self" as it changes. This understanding gives us opportunities to move from the point where we have gotten "stuck".
  • Relationships involve all types of emotions such as happiness, affection , sadness, fear, or even boredom that need to be communicated, dealt with, understood or processed. Other times anger will be present which will also need to be handled, in the relationship and individually, without necessarily involving a "gap" or a breakup in the relationship. Long-term relationships eventually face conflicts which can create misunderstandings and very upsetting inner emotions if there is not an appropriate way to manage them.

Handling events or experiences that have a strong emotional impact.

  • Previous events from our life can bring up many fulfilling memories. However, other events could have been frightening or painful which can block us from enjoying the present moment to the fullest. To overcome such hardship experiences from our memory, it is necessary to give them a new meaning.

Finding meaning to our existence.

"Why am I here?, What is my purpose in life?" are some of the commonly asked questions at some point in our life. We can find meaningful answers, from the simple and subtle up to the most sophisticated and complex ways. People can find very fulfilling meanings by :

Behaving or reacting completely according to our innate capabilities.

We can develop an awareness where we can be touched by our most inner and subtle emotions as well as deciding on what to pay attention from our environment that allows us to be in touch with our innate capabilities. By exploring our inner self and identifying our personality traits, patterns of thoughts and main social roles, we are able to bring up our core deeper human needs such as:

  • Trust
  • Love
  • Deep shared emotions




Services provided

  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • Learning by having an adventure in the outdoors
  • Leaded by a psychotherapist
  • Individual, team and group feedback
  • Meals and lodging at our facilities


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