Recent climb on Pico de Orizaba

21. January 2018

After la Malinche and another acclimatization Tour start the high light of the top of Mexico. After a short and troubled night at the Piedra Grande hut, started at 2am. The ascent to the crampon zone was already long and debilitating. On the glacier were just ICE, very difficult ramming the crampons safely in the steepness of the final ascent was crazy and brutal. After a short brake on the summit, start the descent at the same way. Ascent 7.5 h, complete tour 12h. Now let’s go to Izta, then Yucatan…

Thanks to all Guides, thanks to Servimont for support in making my solo Tour Possible!

Best Regards,

Peter Ladenburger/ Germany


Great time skiing!

Important- Skiing is extremely dangerous and can only be done on a few dates of the year. 

Comments from our guest Spencer:

“Thanks for helping us get on the mountain! We had a great trip with good weather”.

-          Spencer Jonas


IMG-20171029-WA0002IMG-20171029-WA0000Spencer and his friends arrived at our facilities last October to ski down from the highest volcano in Mexico, Pico de Orizaba. They very much enjoyed the climb to the summit and also the good conditions the mountain offered to ski. Thank you for visiting us too!

SERVIMONT welcomed Tim King

Tim King2 mod


      I wanted to tell you what an amazing experience I had as a guest of Servimont this week. From the kitchen staff to the guides and, of course, Dr. Reyes, everyone was friendly and attentive to my every need. The actual ascent of Pico de Orizaba became only a part of this incredibly rewarding week in your beautiful country. Staying within the storied walls of the Servimont compound was an adventure in itself and made many memories for me. Thank you for all your help.

Warmest regards,

Tim King

ProGuide Service in Servimont

Will Oberton and Brad Bullard from Winona, MN; and Mike Henderson from Ogden, Utah along with Aaron Mainer, our guide from Pro Guide Service based in the Seattle, WA area successfully summited and then skied Pico de Orizaba on Oct 27, 2016. We had a great experience from beginning to end. The food and care at Servimont complements of Sr Reyes and company was exemplary, and the acclimatization schedule that Sr Reyes and Pro Guide Service have developed worked very well for all of us. We all summited without any significant altitude issues  - except for the expected shortness of breath. We spoke with and saw video of other groups, who had not acclimatized well, who were suffering from headaches and nausea. We had none of that. Add to that the beautiful weather and our local guide - Carlos - who took amazing care of us and was a great cook, and we had an experience that will bring back memories forever. Thanks to all!!!


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“The unexpected changes in my climb”

Summited Orizaba today. Was a beautiful early rise. When we went to bed there was on and off heavy rain and the trip was in question. By 12:30, the rains ended and the clouds mostly departed. Throughout the climb, we had a very nice view of the moon, stars and day break. The snow field was much smaller than expected but the climb was high quality. Having Dr. Reyes and coworkers as a base before and after was amazing. Such kind, well organized and accommodating people. Thank you for helping me to make this trip possible!

With appreciation

Jason Johnson (Alameda, CA. USA)

From Guatemala to Oregon, USA


We are two Oregonians who flew down to Guatemala to study Spanish for a couple of months. Our “couple of months” trip turned into more of an adventure than we expected. We bought a motorcycle and on our way back to the States decided to stop here and climb Orizaba. We started climbing at 4:50am and made it to the glacier around 9am. When we made it to the glacier the fog rolled in and we weren’t able to see anything. Exhausted and disappointed we decided to turn around and head down. Navigating through the fog on the descent we got lost but made it back to the hut at 12:45pm. On the 15th we stayed at Servimont, slept soundly and awoke to a breakfast after with great coffee- so sweet. With frozen fingers and high spirits we are ready to hop back on the bike and roll on home.

Bryce and Bee


Kerry 1



A few weeks ago, Kerry contacted us for a climb here in Mexico.  He wanted to celebrate his birthday climbing the third highest mountain in North America, Pico de Orizaba. We had the pleasure of helping him to accomplish this goal. Having no experience on glacier traverse and taking our climbing seminar, he went up to the mountain very excited. He reached summit early morning and safely returned back down.




Thanks for celebrating your birthday with us!

A thrilling adventure

Moto2My brother put the dream of climbing Pico de Orizaba into my head when I was sixteen. Ten years later, I am very thrilled to have been to the mountain top. I wish he could have been here and there as well. Thank you Servimont for the friendly service and accommodation. The food served here is wonderful! I climbed La Malinche twice and Izta once as prepare for Pico and didn’t have any problems. I have been in Mexico for about five months now… It’s really diverse and beautiful place with wonderful people.

Clavin Gardner- Michigan, USA 


Mil Islas, the first stage of the “Desafío Discovery” (Discovery Challenge) ending in Pico de Orizaba.

And we continue with the adventure of “Desafío Discovery” which starts in Oaxaca, continues in Tehuacán, Cuetzalan and ends on the summit of Pico de Orizaba. At this last stage Servimont had the pleasure of hosting them.

Now that the teams are formed (Magenta, Green, Blue, Orange), each of these teams has to go through four ecosystems and overcome each of the obstacles in order to win the challenge.

To be at the top of the scoreboard, different aspects will be taken into consideration. Every competitor must complete this stage as a team. In addition, they had to work as fast as they can since each obstacle has a time limit. The team with best score is placed as a first place on the scoreboard.

They start with the first ecosystem, Mil Islas, in Oaxaca, Mexico. Here, the obstacles to overcome are; swimming, coastering, trekking, double kayak, island hopping and fishing. They must put into practice their skills to succeed each obstacle and use whatever the ecosystem offers to survive through the day.

In swimming, they had to jump from a helicopter and swim to the coast of the island carrying a bag (each) which has a survival kit. Once they are on the coast, they had to decide whether to get to the checkpoint by coastering the island or trekking over to cross it. After arriving to the checkpoint, they had to get the kayaks and go island hopping to the next checkpoint by rowing a certain distance.

The stage ends with fishing where the team not only had to fish but they also had to make fire to cook their meal. Otherwise, points are taken off from their score.

At the end of this stage, the Blue team was placed in first place since it was the only team to overcome each obstacle.

We will continue with this amazing adventure of the “Desafío Discovery” (Discovery Challenge)…