Alpine Tour:

In the forest areas of this mountain the riders will find interesting Jeep roads and mule trails, for exciting double and single track downhills. A mt. bike guide will take you through pine forest, deep cliffs and secluded areas. You will have a unique opportunity to ride at high-altitude. This trip allows you to return each night for a comfortable night at our facilities.

Length: Basic programs for two days/one night or extended trips for several days.
Technical Level: Intermediate to advance.

Season: Year around


If you would like to combine a Mt. bike trip with climbing please check Multisport Adventure.


In the areas surrounding Tlachichuca, there is a variety of low traffic roads ideal for biking. There are some areas with steep slopes and higher elevation which increases difficulty of the trail.

In the afternoon, after the tour, we return to our facilities for a comfortable rest and a delicious dinner.


  • The tour includes guide, lodging, and meals.
  • For more information please tell us your available dates, level of experience and number of people.

Length: Weekend. Other extended options also available.

Level: Intermediate to advanced.

Season: All year. The season from June to October has greater chance of rain.


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