Servimont Mt. Guiding

Servimont “history, experience and quality on outdoor trips to the mountain”

Servimont offers outdoor adventure trips mainly on the high altitude Mexican Volcanoes, with optional Mexican mountain guides.

Our programs include a complete mountaineering tour in Mexico with optional climbing glacial traverse seminar, trekking, biking and multisport; among other outdoor activities in Puebla, Mexico.

A wide range of services are available for individuals, families, private groups, companies, universities and organizations.

We provide outdoor trips with optional tours to crater lakes, colonial cities, archeological sites and cultural visits, custom made trips for mountain climbing in Mexico and multisport adventures as well as experiential learning programs.

Servimont's facilities are located in Tlachichuca, Puebla; which is the main access to climb Pico de Orizaba or Citlaltepetl.

We have been host of adventurers since the 1930's. This long standing heritage allows us to bring our customers high quality services and experience in each trip.

As a family tradition of four generations; we try to keep alive our climbing heritage and famous hospitality to make our customers feel at home.

Servimont's compound is a century and a half old colonial fortress; which includes a unique Soap Factory Museum turned into a classic alpine lodge.

We also offer Experiential Learning activities for personal development.