From Guatemala to Oregon, USA


We are two Oregonians who flew down to Guatemala to study Spanish for a couple of months. Our “couple of months” trip turned into more of an adventure than we expected. We bought a motorcycle and on our way back to the States decided to stop here and climb Orizaba. We started climbing at 4:50am and made it to the glacier around 9am. When we made it to the glacier the fog rolled in and we weren’t able to see anything. Exhausted and disappointed we decided to turn around and head down. Navigating through the fog on the descent we got lost but made it back to the hut at 12:45pm. On the 15th we stayed at Servimont, slept soundly and awoke to a breakfast after with great coffee- so sweet. With frozen fingers and high spirits we are ready to hop back on the bike and roll on home.

Bryce and Bee