Dr. Gerardo Reyes Carlín

He belongs to the third generation from the family Reyes of mountaineers in Puebla, Mexico. Since he was fifteen years old he started climbing the Mexican Volcanoes. Later on he also climbed in the Andes.
He participates in other adventure activities like rock climbing, horsemanship, four wheeling, road cycling and Mt. biking in Tlachichuca, Puebla. He also participates in several activities for conservation of natural environment.
He is an instructor in mountaineering, rescue, and first aid. On several occasions, he has conducted high altitude Mt. rescues.





From comments of our guests, the trekking guides, camp assistants, cooks, and drivers have provided "beyond expectations attention and service"

Fernando Posadas - Mt. Lead Guide

Bachelor's degree in Communication Science.

I have realized more than 250 ascents to the Mexican volcanoes; I also climbed the Captain in Yosemite, Aconcagua, diverse technical difficult routes in the Andes and have experience in sports climbing in Europe.
Also have guided many international and local groups to high altitude mountains in Mexico and still assist in Mt. guiding for companies such as IMG and RMI.
I have participated in several multisport events like triathlons.
I am the co-owner of a rock gym in Mexico City with the famous Mexican mountaineer of the 14 eight-thousanders, Carlos Carsolio.
I belong, for many years, to the Mexican Federation of sports of mountaineering and climbing (FMDM y E) who is recognized by the UIAA International Union of Alpinism Associations and the OIC Olympic International Committee.
As for other Mt. guide staff that is coordinated by me, they all have realized national and international expeditions to places like Andes (Argentina, Peru, Bolivia), Alps and technical ascents in big walls and many ascents in our volcanoes. They all are active sportsmen and possess Mexican courses of first aid and some are WFR accredited by Aerie Backcountry Medicine or Outward Bound's wafa first responder. Most of them have participated in several high altitude Mt. rescue operations.


Note: Guiding services are independent from Servimont and the whole responsibility of the guiding is from the Mt. Guide.


Address: J.Ortega 1A Sur, Tlachichuca,Puebla; 75050 México.

Phone: (+52) 24 54 51 50 19

Cell phone: 22 26 27 54 06

Mon-Fri 9-11am / 4-7pm Central Time

Prop: Gerardo Reyes Carlin